What is FORWARD?

In February of 2022, we launched our FORWARD Vision Campaign. When Pastor Brown assumed the pastorate here at ALC, the need for updates to our building and premises was abundantly clear. The FORWARD campaign and building project will address these needs and more! But this campaign is about more than just a building. It is about all the people of Abundant Life Church uniting behind the vision to position us to fulfill God's mission for us in this region.
Because of the visionary leadership of our past and the great generosity of our membership over the years, we sit in a 100,000 sq ft building - and it is 100% paid-off! This perfectly positions us to move forward with renovations to our premises, so that it will fit the unique needs of our congregation and community. We thank God for his faithfulness and honor those who have positioned us as a church to fulfill our great destiny.
To hear Pastor talk more about the rationale behind FORWARD, and to see video footage of the new LIVE DESIGN renderings, click the link below!



Abundant Life Church will stop at nothing to instill a love for God and His house into the next generation. We are a church made up of young families, and our children and youth are our priority! That's why our renovations will feature dedicated space for our kidzLIFE and Zoé YTH, including a lounge area, game room, state of the art classrooms, and a new youth cafe! We want to make sure our teams have all the tools they need to minster to the children and young people God has entrusted us with. They are the church of tomorrow and our future is bright!


From the time we purchased our building, the intention has been to remodel the premises to perfectly fit the mission of Abundant Life Church - and that time has come! From the parking lot, to the foyer, to the sanctuary, everything will be intentionally designed for our guests and members alike. Our church has a rich and expansive history, but we believe the best is not behind us. The best is yet before us! We honor those who came before by moving  FORWARD.


The mission of the Church is to seek and to save those who are lost, and Abundant Life Church's mission field is the city of Fort Wayne. The Bible tells us we are to be the light of the world - a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. We seek to be that shining city on a hill within our community, where those who are looking for healing, restoration, and salvation can come and be fulfilled. We believe this project will make us better prepared for the harvest God wants to send us. We are doing this for our city, for souls - because they are worth it.